Sheets, Soles and Heels for shoe products made with Rubber, Crepe and EVA.
Mats, Tiles and Flooring
Rubber and EVA compounds for every kind of business or industry.
Mud Flaps, Splash Guards and Traffic Control Equipment
Rubber products such as Mud Flaps and Splash Guards, Parking Stops and other traffic control applications.
Specialities-Developed Projects in Rubber
Solutions to meet every kind of your requirements, in rubber and EVA. Compounds, prototypes and maquila/assembly systems.
Qué es euzkola

About Euzkola

We are experts in the formulation, development and manufacture of rubber products.

We are a socially-responsible company, processing rubber into products for any type of business or industry.

Qué es euzkola

Advantages and distinctive features

Why trust in EUZKOLA products?

Experiencia y confiabilidad


Over 70 years in the field to support our achievements.


Distinguished for our product quality, and the fine service we offer.


Attention to our clients is a priority for us, so we stay in constant contact and communicate clearly to meet all their needs.

Technical support:

We offer technical backup and personalized advice relating to any of our clients’ needs.

Servicio y asesoramiento técnico
Desarrollo e innovación

Development and Innovation:

We are constantly developing new products for the market, and have 10,000 compounds of our own formulation.

A Tradition of Exporting:

Over twenty years successfully exporting our products to the most demanding markets in the world.

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